Moiselle designs pouches that include everything young girls need for their periods! 

period pouches

We donate these pouches to lower income schools for teens and tweens that need them most. With these pouches, we aim to reduce period poverty and the subsequent effects on girls education. Learn more about our period pouch donations, period poverty, and how you can support us below. 

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Moiselle's pouches include a selection of pads and/or tampons. There are different sizes that you can try to find the right fit for you- remember, everyone's flow is different! We also include an educational card. This has some information about your period, as well as instructions for how to use the included menstrual products. Finally, make sure to look out for the other goodies we add! Moiselle hopes to help you realize that your period isn't a bad thing- it can be fun too!

Many adolescent girls are intimidated by the uncertainties surrounding their periods. These pouches are the perfect size to put in your backpack, so you can be prepared at school, practice, sleepovers, or on the go! Whether you are expecting your first cycle, recently got it, or are menstruating regularly, a period pouch can help make the whole experience more comfortable.

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  what our pouches look like!