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Maddie Ames and Bianca Thompson– NYC teens and long-term besties- founded Moiselle in 2020 to help young girls learn to be comfortable in their own bodies.

For too long, periods have been regarded as an embarrassing, taboo subject. Even in the very progressive NYC environment they grew up in, education is still lacking. Maddie and Bianca were disturbed by the confusion the 11 and 12 year old Girl Scouts they talked to still felt about periods and their own bodies.  

Moiselle was created as a direct effort to reduce Period Poverty: the inadequacy of education and resources that plague many during menstruation.

our core values

our core values

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We believe periods should not be a secret.

We believe period education, products, and reproductive care should be equally affordable and accessible for all.

We believe education about periods should be extensive: menarche to menopause. 

Moiselle strives to aid the struggle towards period equity by focusing on young girls. We believe that empowering the future generations is the only way to fuel true systemic change.

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Fun fact: Our name, Moiselle, was inspired by Bianca's childhood nickname for Maddie, 'Maddie-moiselle,' which was a play on the french word for Miss, 'mademoiselle.'